Walking Everyday ? Amazing Facts You Never Thought Of !!!


  1. Want a longer life?

Walking can add 1.4 years of your healthy life if you walk everyday for 30 minutes. It can help in delaying osteoarthritis, a common problem faced in the middle age. So why not choose walking ?

   2. Want your heart to be strong?

Walking leads to increase in heart rate and blood circulation in your body and thus will strengthen your heart. Also this helps in lowering the risk of Cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Want to improve your lungs?

Brisk or Race Walking leads to increase in heart rate and your lungs will start consuming more oxygen, increasing in the capacity of your lungs. Brisk walk are considered more helpful to improve the function of lungs. Keep walking, Keep Breathing !

  1. Want to boost vitamin D ?

Fix your Vitamin D deficiency by morning walks. Absorb the early morning sunrays to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Morning walk will help in providing Vitamin D which indeed keep your bones healthier to keep you going next day !

  1. Want to tone up?

Walking will help you tone your body parts like Legs, Tummy and bums. Get your body in shape instead of looking like a potato. This is the most simple exercise compared to other exercise.

  1. Want to lose weight ?

Brisk walk is considered better than a normal walk as it will help you to burn more calories. Start with normal, slow pace walk and keep increasing speed after every 2-3 days. Add a healthy diet with a brisk walk for a healthier life.

  1. Want some energy ?

An everyday walk helps in fighting anti-depression and anxiety. It will pump in a lot of energy to keep your day going with freshness. The pure oxygen will fill your mind with positive vibes, so keep walking !

  1. Want to prevent dementia?

Dementia effects one in fourteen people who are above the age of 65. Dementia symptoms include memory loss or difficulty in thinking, problem-solving or language. A study states that one who walks everyday can prevent Dementia, so what is better- To keep thinking or to keep walking ?

  1. Want a light mood?

A fresh mind with pure oxygen will spread happy mood within and with the family and friends. It will reduce your stress and keep you light all the day. Be proud to tell about your friends about your walking habit.

  1. Want to improve sleep?

Walking activates rise in body temperature, and the post-exercise drop in temperature aids in falling asleep. Walks brings down the problem of insomnia by fall in arousal, anxiety and depressive symptoms.

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