Wadi-Al-Jin – The Power OF Jinn in Saudi Arabia !!!


Wadi-Al-Jinn, is located 30km from Medina, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. Getting to Wadi-Al-Jin is a marvelous place with rugged mountains and date palm plantation on both the sides of road throughout the journey. Reached?

Upon reaching do not stop you car to relax. The car will start moving automatically even if the car is in neutral. And believe me your car will run up to 120km/hr. Yes 120km/hr! And did I forget to tell you that it is a UPHILL ? Even the water puddle flows the uphill. How can something flow up? Do you know that there are no doors or windows in the houses. This isolated place is little spooky. You can hear spooky noises at night and tourist prefer not to stay after sunset.


So whats so spooky about it? Who died there? Why Wadi-Al-JIN ? Jinn ! The Real Jinn? Yeah some people believe that the Jinn does all these things, some people say the ghost does all these things, some say there is a magnetic effect. So whats the catch about this place? What do you think what could it be?
Surprise Surprise! there are no ghost or Jinn or Magnetic effect. The Uphill is actually a optical illusion. Just like the deer sees water on land, but when it goes near there is no water, similarly the Uphill is actually a Downhill. The topography of Mountains, plantation will trick your mind and eyes and make you feel like the road is uphill. Wadi-Al-Jin is actually a downhill. So who wants to ride downhill 120km/hr at Wadi-Al-Jin ?


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