What Would You Do With This Money ? Is Temple Charity Bad ?

Well its a tradition that, if you visit a temple in India, people give money as a charity. Is temple charity bad or good? Some temple have a collection of cash up to Rs10 lakhs per day. What if you don’t give at the temple and give to the poor? There are still people staying on the streets, hungry, begging for food,children struggling with education, no basic necessities. Is it important to give at temple? We have no clue what the temple authorities do with this charity or donations. Maybe they feed to the poor, or educate the children, we have no idea. Why not do something good for the needy people. Comment what you think about it.

Indians have a mentality, that if their wishes come true, they will give charity at the temple. Instead why can’t they wish that, if their wishes come true, they will do something for the poor or needy people. Who needs more money – God or the poor?

temple charity bad Wahji Paaji

There are many temples in India, specially in South where money is seen as flowing river. Not only money, people are so generous that they even give their gold jewelry. Is this generosity ? When will people understand, who needs more money. God would be rather happy if these generous people help the needy.

Why your first income always goes to God? Why not the poor? During festivals, lots and lots of money is given at the temple. Moreover, milk, fruits, sweets, and so many other food items is given at the temple.

Please comment, if this right ? Share your opinions and spread this message to everyone.

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