Planning To Visit Singapore Malaysia ? Here is Your Itinerary !!!

SINGAPORE DAY 1 Singapore Flyer Start your Singapore Malaysia tour with the most iconic structure of Singapore – Singapore Flyer. Have a lifetime memory at the Singapore Flyer, that takes you to 165 meter high, as high as 42 storey


All You Need To Know About Yacon Health Benefits

Yacon Health Benefits

Yacon syrup is acquiring popularity in the health and wellness, and this is for a good reason. It is originated from the origin of Yacon, a plant that is initially from the Andean valleys in South America. The root has


Sachin Tendulkar’s Wax Statue – Sachin Indian God

Sachin Indian God Wahji Paaji

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (born on April 24th,1973) nicknamed as “Little Master” , as an Indian cricketer player, a former Captain of India. He is specialist right-handed batman as well as occasional bowler. He is one of the greatest cricketer of


15 Most Funny Cats GIF !!!

Wahji Paaji

Here are some extraordinary cats you have never seen before!!! They are the most popular pet after the dog. Although there is a great difference between both of them. Cats are totally different. Cats shall be accepted on their terms.


Useful Natural Ways For Strong, Thick and Healthy Hairs – Natural Remedies

Following are some ways to keep your Healthy Hairs – Natural Remedies EGG:  Egg rich in proteins, sulphur, iron, zinc, iodine and phosphorous will help in hair growth as well as thickness. Take 2 eggs, and slowly remove the yolks


Using Mobile In Washroom Too ? Its Gross Not Multitasking !!!

How does your sandwich taste? Yummy ? Are you reading this article while eating sandwich? But hey you just used that mobile in washroom !!! So I assume you are gulping the germs which were present in washroom…eewwww.  So now


Are Earphones Harmful? You Are Going To Be DEAF – Credit Your Earphones !!!

earphones harmful Wahji Paaji

Are Earphones Harmful? Love hearing loud music for long hours on earphones???  Congratulations on getting deaf at the age of just 45! Listening to music at a maximum volume will make you look cool and stylist but sorry guys when


Wadi-Al-Jin – Saudi Arabia Jinn Power

Saudi Arabia JINN POWER Wadi-Al-Jinn, is located 30 km from Medina, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. Getting to Wadi-Al-Jin is a marvellous place with rugged mountains and date palm plantation on both the sides of road throughout the