Black Pepper – Pep your Body ! ! !

Black Pepper is a common spice used by most of the Asians. It not only spices up your dish, but also gives an aroma.

  1. Happy Stomach            


Black Pepper leads to the hydrochloric acid secretion facilitating digestion. This herb has ability to expel the gas due to its carminative feature which forces the gas to release. Due to digestion, it keep your stomach healthy and helps you to lose weight. It also prevents various gastrointestinal conditions and colorectal cancer. Proper digestion promotes avoiding issues like diarrhea, constipation and colic. Pepper prevents the formation of intestinal gas when someone take black pepper in any form and it can encourage sweating and urination, removing toxin from the body.

  1. Happy Lungs

Black Pepper treatment goes back to Ayurvedic practices for cold and cough. It has expectorant property that breaks the mucus and phlegm contents in the respiratory pipe due to which it gives relief from sinusitis and nasal congestion. Through the act of sneezing or coughing, the foreign material is expelled clearing your wind pipe. Furthermore it gives relief to patients having asthma and whooping cough.


  1. Happy Skin

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches and the skin starts to turn white losing its natural pigmentation. According to a research, black pepper contains “Piperine” which helps to stimulate the growth of pigmentations in the skin. Patients who are suffering from this disease are switching from chemical based creams to Black Pepper for natural treatment.

  • Wrinkles Free

Add black pepper to your daily diet to avoid fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles. Black pepper helps in fighting these issues due to high content of antioxidant. It’s better to rely on natural herb than applying chemicals on face.

  • Cancer Prevention

Black Pepper is said to prevent skin cancer caused due to the exposure of UV Radiation.

  • Natural Scrub

Crush few pepper into small granules with a teaspoon of yogurt and apply in on face. It will act like a scrub and as a result it will help in removing dead cells leaving your skin soft and smooth.

  1. Happy Immune system

Pepper contains Vitamin C which acts as an oxidative property to eliminate free radicals. It also helps in improving your immunity system.

5.    Happy Menstruation

Get rid of pain by having 7-8 peppercorns with lukewarm water during periods. It will help in reducing cramps and stomach pain. Girls facing problem with irregular menstruation should mix basil leaves with crushed black pepper and consume it daily.


Source: Internet