30 Travel Bucket List – Pack Your Bags !!!

We all have a bucket List. Who doesn’t like to travel. Below are 30 destination, one cannot miss to include in the Travel Bucket List.

  1. Caño Cristales – Colombia :

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    Also known as Crystal Channel, a 100km river flowing in Colombia. It is regarded as the most beautiful river due to its vibrant colors. From June to November, one can notice striking colors including yellow, blue black, green and especially red. Due to different colors, the river is commonly called as Liquid Rainbow or River of Five Colors.


Supreme Court Upholds Death Penalty After “4 YEARS” – Good Or Bad ?


The good news is the Supreme Court has finally upheld the death sentence to the four convicts involved in the Nirbhaya Rape Case this Friday 05 May 2017.


On 16th December 2012 Saturday night, the victim along with a male companion were returning from the movie “Life Of Pi” from Saket. Time 9:30pm. They were waiting to hail an auto rickshaw, when an off-duty charter bus, driven by the people not driving for commercial purpose stopped to offer them a ride. The drive was from Dwarka to Munirka. Just in few minutes, the victim’s companion noticed that they were heading to other route than the normal one. The door of the bus was tightly shut.


“3 Idiotas” Remake of 3 Idiots in Mexico

3 Idiotas

Who says our Bollywood do not create good movies huh? This remake of 3 Idiots – 3 Idiotas is a perfect example of it.

The unforgettable movie, 3 Idiots, has been released in Mexico as 3 Idiotas. The trailer starts with  Raju (Sharman Joshi) forgets to wear his pants after he gets a call from Silencer (Omi Vaidya). The movie is an adaption of the Bollwood movie 3 Idiots. The roles of Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, R. Madhavan is played by the Mexican actors Alfonso Dosal, German Valdez and Christian Vazquez respectively. The role of Kareena Kapoor is played by Martha Higareda. The movie looks more funnier in the Mexican flavor. It was released on 31 March 2017 which was directed by Carlos Bolado. 


Yes, You Live After Death !!!

Life After Death Wahji Paaji

What would you do if you are still “ALIVE” after Death ? How would you feel? Would you haunt people? Death is the most scariest, depressing phase of life. Scientist believe there is something after death. In a study of more than 2,000 people, British boffins reveals and state that thinking process still continues  even when the heart stops beating and the person is declared dead.

The medical study of “out-of-body” experiences has found that still there is some kind of awareness present, after the brain has totally shut down. It is believed that a human brain stops functioning, 30 seconds after the heart stops with awareness.


Doctors Can’t, Bathini Brothers CAN – Asthma Cured For Free !!!

Are you tired of taking pumps regularly? Tired of having breathlessness? Tired of getting tired earlier than other people? Indians have this solutions where the doctors all over the world say its incurable. This medicine is provided once in a year for free for non-stop 24 hours in Hyderabad, India. Anyone who comes to this place is welcomed and the medicines are served free of cost. But there is something unique or shall I say strange about it.

The story goes back to 165 years.  Mr. Veeranna Goud got this medicine from a holy man with a promise that this medicine would be served for free without disclosing the formula. Since then, Mr. Veeranna Goud passed this medicine to is children and now his third generation is serving the medicines. Now 5 brothers called the BATHINI brothers are handling the management without disclosing the formula.


Sachin Tendulkar’s Wax Statue – God For The Common People !!!

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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (born on April 24th,1973) nicknamed as “Little Master” , as an Indian cricketer player, a former Captain of India.He is specialist right-handed batman as well as occasional bowler. He is one of the greatest cricketer of all time who scored highest centuries (both ODI’s,TEST Cricket), highest matches played cricketer in the world. He can score all around the wicket, off both front foot and back foot, can tune his technique to suit every condition, temper his game to suit every situation, and has made runs in all parts of the ground in all conditions.

Check Out The Tweets for The Birthday Boy

Virat Kohli: “Happy B’day Paaji . May God bless you with more happiness and peace in life. My cricket hero always @sachin_rt”

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Mumbai Indians: He won over a billion hearts . Let’s gift @sachin_rt over a billion wishes on his birthday.  #HappyBirthdaySachin#CricketMeriJaan


15 Most Hilarious Cats !!!

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Here are some extraordinary cats you have never seen before!!! They  are the most popular pet after the dog. Although there is a great difference between both of them. Cats are totally different. Cats shall be accepted on their terms. They have their own space and comfort. Too much interference in their space annoy them and thus they like to spend time with themselves. But then there are some other extra-ordinary cats which are just unavoidable. Their acts just makes us fall in love with them.

1.  Hooman What perfume is it ???

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What Would You Do With This Money ?

Well its a tradition that if you visit a temple in India, people give money as a charity. Some temple have a collection of cash up to Rs 10 lakh per day. What if you don’t give at the temple and give to the poor? There are still hungry people staying on the streets, hungry, begging for food, education, basic necessities etc. Is this important to give at temple? We have no clue what the temple authorities do with this charity. Maybe they feed to the poor, or educate the children, we have no idea. Why not do something good for the needy people. Comment what you think about it.


8 college students from Karnataka drown in sea at Maharashtra

MUMBAI: Eight students of an engineering college from Karnataka, out on a picnic, drowned in the Arabian sea off the Vayri coast in Maharashtra‘s Sindhudurg district on Saturday, the police said.

Around 30 students from Maratha Engineering College in Belgaum had gone to the sea for swimming, the police said adding three students were rescued from the sea while others swam to safety.

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8 Students drown in Maharashtra

“Three students have been rescued and are under medical observation,” police said.

The incident occurred around the noon at Vayri, a coastal hamlet near Malvan town in the Konkan region of the state.

“It was the time of high tide and some students had ventured into the deep water. After some of them began drowning, others in the group rushed to save them, but it was late,” police said.

Eight bodies, including those of three girls, were recovered.
“Three students were brought to shore by the police in an unconscious state. Two of them are admitted in a Malvan hospital and one girl, who is in a serious condition, is being treated at the state-run hospital in Oros,” Amogh Goankar, Superintendent of Police, Sindhudurg told PTI.
As of now no one is missing as around 19 students swam to shore with the help of locals and police, Goankar said.
 In a similar tragedy, 13 students from a Pune college, who were on a picnic, drowned off the Murud beach near Mumbai in February last year.
Source Content: The Time Of India


US drops largest bomb in Afghanistan killing 36 Islamic State Militants

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GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) was dropped by the US military in Afghanistan at 7:00 pm local time, on Thursday, 13 April 2017 according the sources. MOAB also called as Mother Of All Bombs was dropped to target the ISIS tunnels and personnel in Achin district of  Nangarhar province near Pakistan border. As a matter of fact, MOAB, imparts only 1/10th of 1% of Hiroshima bomb did, with no radio-logical effect according the Fox News Column. It is said the MOAB unleashes 11 tons of explosives, officially known a GBU-43B. According to one of the sources,  this explosive cost around $16 million per unit and so far, US has spent around $314 million on the production of the explosives.