Padmavati Controversy – Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Movie Postpone to 2018

Padmavati Controversy Wahji Paaji

The biggest news has hit the channels all over and one more to add to Padmavati Controversy. Today morning a dead body is seen hanging at Jaipur’s famous Nahargarh Fort. The shocking thing was, a stone was scribble saying “Padmavati Ka Virodh” (Against Padmavati Movie) and a graffiti including “We don’t burn effigies, we hang them.” The man has been identified as Chetan Saini , a local jeweler, and the investigation is still going on. There is no clear sign of suicide or murder.

The delay of the blockbuster movie which is expected to make unexpected profit at the Box Office, is now delayed to 2018. This would not only effect Sanjay Bhansali’s movie but the movies to be released in the coming year. The movie is always in the controversy, be the Rajput Groups, Ranveer visiting Psychiatrist or Rani Padmini dancing on Goomer song. The Schedule date of December 1, 2017 was postponed by the Censor Board by rejecting its application to be Certified.


The Rajput Group are the ones who have objected the movie continuously effecting the political condition too. To make sure there is no romance sequel between Alauddin Khilji and Rani Padmavati, the Rajput Groups are asking for advance screening. The only motive is to make sure the movie does not effect the History of India and their culture. Also their concern is, Rani Padmavati was a pure soul and committed Jauhar. She was no where involved with the Sultan and in fact she tried to escape Alauddin Khilji’s rule on Chittor by taking Jauhar.


The Karni Sena’s angry protesters are on roads saying movie Padmavati is destroying the Indian Culture. Although, the Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has refused and made clear about the movie having No love scenes between Alauddin Khilji and Rani Padmini. The Karni Sena have threatened the Director as well as Deepika Padukone for the movie. Both have a tight security for their protection. Earlier, the Karni Sena had also vandalised the sets of the movie. There yet many BJP ruled state which have Banned movie Padmavati in their states. Padmavati controversy has become a political issue than a just a movie.

Padmavati Controversy Wahji Paaji

The other upcoming movies like Kapil Sharma’s “Firangi” and Sunny Leone’s “Tera Intezaar” may not be able to satisfy the audience this month. Manoj Desai, Executive Director of Mumbai Mutiple Gaity Galaxy said, “People have only seen the songs and promos of the film, the film is made on a budget of around Rs. 190 crore and due to its release date being postponed, the makers will face a loss of more than 200 crore.”

Padmavati Controversy Wahji Paaji Padmavati Controversy Wahji Paaji


The movie Padmavati was supposed to sent to the Censor Board in 68 days before it’s schedule release date for the Certification. But the sources says Sanjay Leela Bhansali had failed to submit the Board. In addition, the Censor Board has decided to reject Padmavati on the basis of several factors. The Director also had organised private screenings of Padmavati without the permission of censor’s certificate.

About Movie Padmavati 

Padmavati – Starring Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati, Shahid Kapoor as Rani Padmavati’s husband Ratan Sen, Ranveer Kapoor as Alauddin Khilji has become a sensation on television after the terrific trailer. An explode was seen on YouTube on the release of it’s trailer and recently “Goomer” too has created a sensation and much needed hype for the the movie. The Bollywood fans are going crazy about the Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s new upcoming movie which is based on a true Indian History story of the courageous Rajputana Queen “Rani Padmavati” also known as “RANI PADMINI”. The never ending Padmavati Controversy has always created hype amongst the fans. Let us take a quick look at some amazing facts about Padmavati Movie.

Padmavati Controversy Wahji Paaji



Ranveer ‘s Health Issues

Soon after the movie was completed, Ranveer started seeking help of a Psychiatrist. He had put himself so much in the character that he started feeling negativity of the character. His dedication and involvement in the character is seen in the trailer of the movie. His fans can’t wait to watch this movie.

Padmavati Controversy Wahji Paaji


About Rani Padmini

The gorgeous beauty Rani Padmavati belonged from Sri Lanka, Princess of Singhal Kingdom. Yes, Sri Lanka and NOT from India. She was not only beautiful but also extremely talented. She was well trained and a proud brave warrior as well. Since her childhood, she was educated about battle, wars, skills, weapons and their usage.

Padmavati Controversy Wahji Paaji


Rani Padmini’s Hiraman

Rani Padmavati had a talking parrot called Hiraman. She was so obsessed with the parrot that her father ordered his men to kill the parrot. Before the men could kill the parrot, it was able to escape and fly and save its life. Hiraman was then caught in the hands of a Bird Catcher and later he sold to a Brahmin. The Brahmin was very impressed with the parrot with its ability to talk. Furthermore, Raja Ratan Sen had purchased Hiraman from the Brahmin who was too astound to see a talented taking parrot.

Rani Padmini’s Swayamvar

The talking parrot, Hiraman told about the beauty of Princess Singhal of Sri Lanka. Ratan Sen was very curious to meet Rani Padmavati upon hearing her beauty.

Rani Padmini wanted a swayamvar for her marriage and wanted to marry the most capable and skilled king for him. This was decided by a sword fight between a designated fighter and the Kings and Prince who came for Swayamvar. No one knew that the designated fighter was no one but Rani Padmavati. She lost her fight to Raja Ratan Sen and married the King of Chittor. However, Rani Padmavati was the second wife of Raja Ratan Singh.

Padmavati Controversy Wahji Paaji


Sultan Khilji’s Informer

Sultan’s informer has a vital role to play in the movie. The sorcerer Raghav and Chetan were the ones who used their skills to demand a dowry from Rani Padmavati. When Ratan Singh came to know about their evil acts, he had thrown both of them out of the kingdom. They could not take the insult and angrily wen to the door of Sultan Khilji. The sorcerer told Alauddin Khilji about the beauty of Rani Padmavati. Sultan was so mesmerised and had developed a desire to attain her.

Sultan Khilji’s Move

Upon hearing the beauty of queen, Sultan Khilji could not resist and wanted to meet the beauty of Chittor. Khilji had sent a message to Raja Rawal Ratan Singh wishing to see if the rumours of the beauty of Chittor were correct. Ratan Singh could not sense the trick of Khilji and invited him to see her. When Khilji had brought his men to Chittor to take deep notes on the Fort and Ratan’s Army.

Padmavati Controversy Wahji Paaji

Rani Padmini’s Alertness

When Rani Padmini heard about Khilji’s visit, she had sensed his ill thoughts. She had requested that Khilji could not see her directly but can see her through the mirror’s reflection. Although this had busted Sultan Khilji but he also could not resist to meet her. Finally he was convinced to see her anyhow even through the reflection.

Let us wait and watch when the movie would finally be realsed. The fans are already expecting a lot from the movie after the trailer and the songs. Will the loss beared by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and its team would recover its money from the Box Office? Keep an eye on the release dates and fingers crossed for the movie.

Padmavati Trailer

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