Using Mobile In Washroom Too ? Its Gross Not Multitasking !!!

How does your sandwich taste? Yummy ? Are you reading this article while eating sandwich? But hey you just used that mobile in washroom !!!

So I assume you are gulping the germs which were present in washroom…eewwww.  So now how does your sandwich taste?  Lucky are those who are seeing this article in the washroom and feeling pity for those who are eating sandwich right now.

Where ever you go, you take your mobile with you. But washroom too ??? Don’t be proud of because it’s not multi-tasking – its gross. Washing your hands after going to washroom is a must, because you know about the presence of bacteria.  But umm… do you wash your mobile ? How regularly do you clean it with wipes?

Let’s check what Germ Expert Charles Gerba, Ph.D., professor of microbiology has to say about it. The experts says that the bathroom is always covered by germs. The doors, the handles, the faucets, the floor, everything in and around. Gerba says “Bathrooms are covered with germs, pathogens, and enteric bacteria (from the intestinal tract), mostly from fecal matter.”

You clean your washroom regularly but what about public toilets? How often is it cleaned? What do you think the amount of germs present in public toilets compared to your house? Do you use phones in public toilets too?

Every time you use mobile in washroom, it gets contaminated with germs and fecal matter. Diarrhea is mainly transmitted due the germs present in washroom and now on your mobile too.

A study has found that most of the phones are likely to carry disease-causing microorganism and 16% of them were positive for fecal matter.

 So each time you say goodbye to your loved ones by missing mobile, make sure you clean your mobile with wipes, as your mobile is a “GERM CARRIER”. Instead of kissing mobile, you are kissing all the germs that were present in washroom, or public toilets.



  • Always wash your hands after going to washroom
  • Clean your washroom on regular basis
  • Clean your mobile with wipes
  • Do Not Use Mobile In Washroom


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