Maasai Tribes – a group of ethnic nomadic people basically inhabitant of Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya, holds a strong culture with very few changes seen since decades. Tourist come to witness Maasai lifestyle which is quite different from our lifestyle. So, what is different about them?

Maasai Tribes Wahji Paaji


  • Maasai have a patriarchal society, where important matters are taken by the elder men. Moreover marriages are decided by the elders without the consult of the girl or her mother. Strange isn’t it?
  • The girls(11-13) are usually married to elder men (above 40) in exchange of cattle and cash. Strange isn’t it?
  • During festivals, or when someone is sick, they drink raw blood of cow because it is believed that it gives them strength. Also a recent study shows no sign of heart disease or cholesterol was found in Maasai tribe unlike the Americans. Strange isn’t it?
  • Few people burn the dead body, few cremate, but The Maasai, they simply leave the dead body for the scavengers. Strange isn’t it?
  • Girls get widow at a very early age due to wide age difference between men and women. Later become the property of her husband’s brother. Also they are not allowed to marry again. Strange isn’t it?

The Maasai live their livelihood by raising cattle and goats, wearing traditional cloths and living in a small hut called the Manyattas. They believe in God named Enkai or Engai, having a duel nature, benevolent and vengeful. Maasai’s usually speak Maa, English or Swahili and mainly wear beads as ornaments. The necklace in red green and blue, is a flat disc type shaped, made of rows of beads striped in cowhide. Tourist who visit East Africa do not miss to visit this tribe. Would you too like to have a cup of raw blood in East Africa?

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