Infant Swimming Harmful – Are You A Crazy Parent ?



Kids are natural swimmers ! You drop them in water and see how easily they can swim. Please correct anyone who have the same notion. Infants cannot swim, they can drown and die. Infant Swimming is a total No No !

So how Infant swimming harmful ?

Infant Swimming Harmful Wahji Paaji

There is a phenomenon called “Infant Swimming”, where human babies reflectively move through the water. They demonstrate or innate swimming when put in water till the age of six months. This makes you feel they are natural swimmers, but aren’t. They have ability to change the heart rate and respiration when submerged, making them hold their breath. Slowing of heart rate and breathing is called BRADYCARDIAC RESPONSE.

How Crazy Are You !!!

The logic of innate swimming convinces parents that their infants can swim. Also, there are various swimming programs held all over the world for infant swimming. This has become become new in market and going trendy, encouraging other parents to follow the sheep herd without knowing the facts. I would request all parents to research a bit, before you keep your infants to swimming programs. Your child might be in danger, so do not follow the herd and trends going on. However, children under the age of four are not considered to be developed fully. Also, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), do not recommend swimming programs for children under the age of one.

 Infant Swimming Harmful Wahji Paaji

Although infant swimming has become very popular, many cases have recently come up regarding children getting drowned. Also infant swimming can develop bronchitis leading to higher risk of asthma and respiratory allergies.

Swimming is good for children who are above the age of four. The benefits are as follows:

1) Good mode of physical exercise

2) Helps in increasing self control

3) Gets comfortable with social situations

4) Improves parent-child bonding

Pass this message to all the parents who think infant swimming is trendy and how cool their infant looks while swimming. In conclusion, be an alert parent and find best way for your child physical development.

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