Indian Driver Beaten And Abused on Racial Grounds in AUSTRALIA

Indian driver abused and beaten Wahji Paaji

Drinking, Getting Sick, then Abusing !!!

We do not understand what is right. We need your opinion.

Previous Attacks

Li Max Joy, an Indian cabbie, on 25 March 2017, was assaulted by four “Teenagers” in the Argyle St. McDonald’s.  Reports were filed but no “Special Investigation Unit” was laid for this matter. The victim did not get justice. Country Australia.

Last year June 2016, a Indian driver was assaulted by four men. Country Australia.

Another similar case has come up. Pradeep Singh, who is currently hospitalized say he would never drive a cab again “BECAUSE ITS TOO DANGEROUS”. Country Australia.

Pradeep Singh is a Hospitality student in Australia. On Saturday night, May 20, 2017, this Indian Driver beaten  at Sandy Bay McDonald’s drive through in Australia’s State of Tasmania. The incident took place when he was riding two passengers. On the way, he asked his passengers to step outside, as the passenger was sick and about to vomit. “If you mess up the car, you have to pay cleaning fee” said Singh to his passengers. However, the woman passenger said they would not pay the fare or the cleaning fee.

As a consequence, “They punched me too many times and kicked me” said Mr. Singh

Singh continued “They said You F**king Indians Deserve This”

Indian driver abused and beaten Wahji Paaji

Indian Driver Beaten – Photo Credit: ANI

Ian Wish -Wilson, the inspector in charge of this case has charge the man and the woman in relation to assault. Moreover, on June 26, they will be appearing  in Hobart Magistrates Court.

“It is alleged that the driver asked the passengers to leave his taxi after one of them was sick,” Wilson said.

“There was a dispute over payment and it is alleged the passengers assaulted the driver and damaged the vehicle.

“It was alleged a racial comment was made during the assault but it does not appear that the incident was racially- motivated,” Wilson said.

Is it wrong to ask a passenger to step outside if she or he is about to vomit. Especially when the passenger is too much drunk ???

Seriously we Indians deserve this?

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