Useful Natural Ways For Strong, Thick and Healthy Hairs – Natural Remedies

Healthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

Following are some ways to keep your Healthy Hairs – Natural Remedies

EGG: Healthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

Egg rich in proteins, sulphur, iron, zinc, iodine and phosphorous will help in hair growth as well as thickness. Take 2 eggs, and slowly remove the yolks and apply the egg whites in hairs completely.  This is the best remedy for smoothing your hairs.  Leave the egg whites in your hairs for 20 minutes. Wash it gently. For dull hairs, one should repeat it for 7-8 times and the results are going to amaze you.  This will surely help you grow your healthy hairs and will restore your softness.

CASTOR OILHealthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

Castor oil has been a key ingredient in many cosmetic product. This oil is rich in minerals, proteins, and Vitamin E. This magical oil is most effective for dry scalp, thinning of hairs, hair loss and split ends. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property will keep you scalp healthy. Castor oil is also rich in Omega 6 high content in fatty acids, which boost the growth of hairs. The oil helps in thick growth, prevents greying of hairs and hair growth. Take any hair oil and mix equal castor oil in it. Whenever you want to apply the oil, just warm a little bit and gently apply in your hairs and scalp. At least keep it for overnight before you wash it. Also do not keep the oil in hairs for many days. Wash it at least in 2-3 days.


GOOSEBERRIES (AMLA)Healthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

Gooseberries are ideal for those who are suffering from premature graying hairs. Children these days hop more on unhealthy food and thus lack in few vitamins and minerals which are needed in their body. Gooseberries has been used since ancient times. Even most of the hair oils will have gooseberries as an important ingredient. This fruit will help you to strengthen your hairs as applying this will clean your scalp removing all the dandruff and bacteria. It will enhance your hair color and prevent them from greying. Take few Gooseberries, crush them and apply the juice to hairs especially the scalp. Wash with shampoo once it gets dry. Note: Apply the juice carefully, because if spilled, the surface or object color may change to black.


FENUGREEK SEEDSHealthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

Try the Grandma’s recipe. It is tried and tested that fenugreek seeds will make your hairs longer and stronger. Since ages, people are using this application for hair growth. The seeds are used on rough and dry hairs. Fenugreek seeds contains lecithin and amino acids needed for healthy hairs. One can easily find this in stores or even at home. One can use this seeds to repair hairs in many ways. First one is to soak the seeds overnight and next day once they are soft just blend it with water and apply in your hairs. Wash it with mild shampoo. Second way is to boil them in coconut oil until they become red. Once it cools down, apply in your hairs. Third way is to soak overnight, make a paste and add it with cider vinegar and apply on your hairs.


COCONUT OIL WITH CURRY LEAVESHealthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

Coconut Oil is famous especially in India. This is one of the best long term remedy for growing long, healthy and thick hairs. The fatty acids present in the oil locks the moisture in your hairs and repairs your hairs from root to tip of each strand of hair. The oil provides a protection against pollution and heat thus avoids breakage. The Curry leaves again famous in India is widely used in cooking food. Curry leaves helps from preventing growth of grey hairs and helps in growing your hairs. Curry leaves are rich in protein and beta-carotene that prevents hair loss. Take a bowl , pour some oil accordingly to your hairs and add fresh curry leaves in it. Heat the oil and once it cools down, apply it after every 3 days and see the difference.


ALOE VERA:Healthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

This wonder plant is a very useful plant. The compound present in Aloe Vera contains anti fungal substances that will prevent you from white itchy dandruff and clear your pores for new hair growth. The minerals ,vitamins and the enzymes will nurture your healthy hairs. Also the gelatin present in Aloe Vera will help in preventing hair loss and thinning of hairs. Now a days you will find a wide range of products available at the store which are made of Aloe Vera. For instance there are shampoos, conditioners, Anti-Dandruff serum, Hair Tonic, Hair Mask. Additionally you can also find pure Aloe Vera juice which is beneficial for healthy hairs as well for the skin too. For hair growth, simple cut Aloe Vera according to your hair and apply it directly. Leave it for an hour and rinse it properly with shampoo. This will give you healthy hair natural remedies.


LEMON JUICEHealthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

Everyone knows, lemon is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B and phosphorous. Also it is an antioxidant which helps to prevent from causing Dandruff, bacteria etc. The application of lemon will open up the pores gives hairs way to grow. This rich source of vitamins and minerals will not only help in growing and healthy hairs but also prevent from causing dandruff.  Also it stimulates the blood circulation if taken as a drink. Sometimes the unequal blood circulation in scalp will shut out the growth of hairs.

One can apply lemon in many ways. The best option is to mix lemon juice in olive oil and apply in your hairs. Leave it for overnight and you can wash your hairs the next day. Or if you want to fight against dandruff, just apply the lemon directly on scalp and leave for 10-15 minutes. Note, the lemon will burn a little or give you itchiness for time being till you wash your hairs.


GARLICHealthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

Garlic is a antimicrobial that kills the bacteria growing on your scalp. Contents like calcium, sulfur, zinc help in growth of hairs. In addition, it is highly enriched with Vitamin C that boost the production of healthy hairs. Garlic is recommended when one is having dandruff. It helps to prevent clogging, removes dandruff, and promotes pore to grow hairs. Garlic can be used in your daily food which will help to stimulate your blood circulation, and thus strengthen your hairs. All you need to do is boil 7-8 cloves of garlic with olive oil and apply it regularly.


POTATOESHealthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

Potato could be new for few but hell yeah it really helps. Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, B6 and fibers. These vitamins helps your hairs to grow healthy with thickness. Our hairs needs Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C for healthy hair growth. Once can get these vitamins from Potatoes as well. Just take 2 potato juice with a teaspoon of honey, some water and 1 egg yolk.  Make a mixture of it and apply on damp hairs and leave for 45 minutes before you shampoo.


MIXTURE OF EGG, HONEY AND OLIVE OIL:Healthy Hairs Natural Remedies Wahji Paaji

The mixture of Olive Oil, Honey and Egg will definitely help you grow your hair supplementing all the nutrients, needed for healthy, thick and hair growth.  Olive oil encourages your hairs by fighting against fungi bacteria and dandruff growing on your scalp. It prevents multiplying of DTH hormones thus keeping your hairs healthy. Olive Oil contains antioxidants that encourages your scalp to be healthy and recovers your damaged hairs. Honey on the other hand, helps to restore the moisture that is washed away and provides nutrients to your hairs. Honey repairs your each strands of hairs giving a fine texture and shine your hair. The mixture of Honey, Olive Oil and White Eggs will repairs your hairs completely if you apply it each time for at least 10 times in your hair.


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