Bhangarh Fort – Do Not Visit After Sunset & Before Sunrise

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When you see something scary, the first things that come out is God’s name. But this won’t work here. As you enter the haunted fort, you will find are temples. Temples of different God and Goddesses. Even they won’t help you. Follow the rules. DO NOT STAY AFTER SUNSET AND BEFORE SUNRISE. This fort is also considered the most haunted place of the earth. Welcome to Bhangarh Fort !!!

Bhangarh village(Rajasthan, India) was established by Bhagwant Das. It was then ruled by his proud son Madho Singh. Madho Singh had built the fort in 1613, The Bhangarh Fort. The fort has many dark secrets hidden; the weird noises of screaming, the whispers, the subtle noise of bangles, shadows of no one. What had happened here?

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The fort was itself a village in a kind. It had temples, palaces, multiple gates. It had covered an area of the foothills of the mountains, the scenery, making it one of the most beautiful forts.  Despite of this, this fort and nearby areas having population of around 10,000 went to 0. The fort and village was abandoned and collapsed in 1783. Now the premises of the fort is enclosed by partial walls. Other than the residence of the king, the ruins of Bhangarh Fort includes Havelies, Banyan Tree, Gardens, Temples of God and Goddesses of Someshwar, Gopinath, Mangla Devi, Keshava Rai. Though the Fort looks very blood-curdling and hair-raising, the ruins still speak about how prosperous would have been a Fort once.


Although there is no written evidence about this fort, there are few myths behind the daunting fort.

Guru Balu Nath Curse

The town was established by King Bhagwant Das with the permission of the Saint Guru Balu Nath. He meditated in this town for years. He had approved with a condition that, the fort’s shadow should not fall on him or the he would turn it down to ruins. The King had started the construction and was followed by his son Madho Singh. With all his power of money, he raised the height of the fort to extreme level of shadow touching the saint. Later, the Saint had cursed the town and was collapsed in a day. Any new construction made in that area also collapsed. The villagers had to move to other nearby villages.  The Samadhi (Sepulchre) of Guru Bala Nath is still found in the here.

Singhia Curse

Another myth which is widely known is about Singhia the Tantrik (an Occultist). He fell in love with the most beautiful Princess Ratnavati. Her beauty was famous all over the kingdom and neighboring states. The Tantrik knew that his match with her is next to impossible, but he wanted her anyhow. He wanted to make her fall in love with him Ratnavati Princess Bhangarh Fort Wahji Paajiand marry her with his black magic. Once he saw Princess close maid in the market. He knew it’s the best way to use his black magic. The maid had purchased an oil. Tantrik thought to mix his black magic in the oil and upon touching it, the Princess would surrender herself to the Tantrik. Princess Ratnavati saw the occultist mixing something in oil and failed his plan. Furthermore, she dropped the oil on the ground. This raged the tantrik and he cursed the town, to which the fort and nearby area had collapsed.

It is said, his ghost haunts the ill-fated city. The myth also says that, the reincarnation of the Princess will put an end to the curse. The locals believe she will come one day to visit the fort to make the town prosperous again.



The Archaeological Survey of India has forbidden access to the site between sunset and sunrise. The fort’s  main entrance is locked and the Government has also put a notice board regarding visiting hours. Legal actions are taken if found violating the rules.

Once a group of youngsters went to the fort. They had bribed the guard and reached the fort. All was good for few hours. They laughed, joked around, but later while roaming, they saw a kid inside a room. The room had no doors. The room had only one window which was tightly grilled. This scared the group of youngsters and ran out the fort.

Bhangarh Fort Ruins Wahji Paaji

Also during the visiting hours, tourist do encounter screams, noise of the bangles, crying, shadows of the unknown etc. It is said those who have dared to stay overnight, were never found the next day.


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