Yes !!! You Are Going To Be DEAF – Credit Your Earphones !!!

Love hearing loud music for long hours on earphones???  Congratulations on getting deaf at the age of just 45! Listening to music at a maximum volume will make you look cool and stylist but sorry guys when you will start wearing “Hearing Aids”, you will look old and pitiful. Why giving your ears torture; it too needs to breathe and relax. The sound waves therefore becomes shock waves when you listen to something loudly for long hours.

Excessively high volume level may result trauma to cochlear structure in the inner ear which will effect temporary or permanent hearing impairment or deafness. The louder the music, the lesser amount of time it takes for Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

Loudness of music is measured in “DECIBELS”. If you listen to anything under 85 decibels, that is normal. But if you start exceeding beyond 85 decibels, man you are in trouble. The sound waves thus will start effecting your eardrums and will gradually effect your ears.


-Listening to music eight hours a day at 85 decibels

-Listening to music continuously  for 5-6 hours at 90 decibels

-Listening for music for an hour at 105 decibels



-Giving break to your ears after listening to loud music for at least 15 minutes

-Listening to music at a low volume

-Switching to speakers than earphones as the sound waves will disperse in different direction than directly effecting your ears directly

-Not sharing your earphones to avoid ear infection due to presence of bacteria in ears

-Cleaning your ears regularly

Don’t fall in trap of looking cool and stylish – Baby your ears are important, not your so called friends !!! All you need to do is listen to music at medium or low volume and keep your ears healthy.

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