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So now there are E-Cigars Quit Smoking Options. There has been a rise in popularity for this new strategy to quit smoking. As a matter of fact, this too contains nicotine but it is less hazardous than smoking a cigarette. People use this as an alternative as it might help quit smoking. Not all E-cigars contain nicotine, or contain very less nicotine, depending upon the e-cigar, hence one can opt this option rather than inhaling dangerous, life taking chemicals and tar in your lungs. The health risk related to e-cigars are still uncertain yet they are less risky than cigarettes. Hence they are becoming popular in the market. The smoke addictive who are unable to move out of smoking can gradually leave by opting for this option.


  1. Health:

    Cigarettes contains nicotine which is as addictive as a drug. It is one of the most threatening and dangerous thing to consume. The smoke, the tar, everything is going to affect your lungs, brains, blood, heart etc.¬† The fact that is hard to dissolve is, it’s difficult to quit smoking. People try hard but fail and start consuming more. All you can do is to switch to E-Cigars, which is lesser risky but still will help to quit smoking. In e-cigars, the nicotine is vaporised and will make you look and feel like you are smoking. But in real, there is no such smoke or tar or any kind of carcinogens. Which means you are opting for less dangerous option for your life.

  2. Price:

    Your life is priceless. People purposely pour a lot of money to make their life worse. The money you pay for nicotine cartridges it too high, for your life as well as pocket. You can have a control on your smoke by switching to E-Cigars and gradually quit smoking. The cartridges that you consumes costs you around $15 for 5. But E-Cigars comes out to be of $2-$3 per packet. Make a difference in your living by switching to healthy life.

  3. Ease:

    The smoke exhaled while drinking cigarettes not only effects you but the others too. Therefore smoking in public place is banned. You will have to pay heavy fine for doing so. In case of e-cigars, there is no smoke but just the vapor. Some place may need approval for taking e-cigars but practically, the vapor from e-cigars do not harm anyone. Harming other’s health too, is out of the question. One can easily consume it in public place with an ease.

  1. Odour:

    Say goodbye to the unbearable odour of the smoke. The smoker are usually filled with the odour of the smoke. Their mouth, cloths, hands, and everything related to them stinks. To this, they use other products to cover it up, say perfume, deodorants or mouth freshener etc. One can keep freshness around you by avoiding and opting e-cigars which will fix your nicotine flavor but in a much healthy way.

  2. Peace of mind:

    Quitting cigarettes by moving to e-cigars will not only give you confidence and boost but will also provide inner peace. It will charge you up with positive energy to stop smoking. It’s true that still you are consuming nicotine but somewhere you know, where this would lead to. Take gradual steps to quit, as it is hard for people to leave in a go. Set your mind with e-cigars by taking small steps to say “NO” to smoking completely.

A lot of researcher are making theories for e-cigar. The e-cigars are definitely less dangerous than the conventional cigarettes. They contain a cartridge filled with fluids, which is known as e-liquid. These fluid contains nicotine mixed up with flavoured essence in glycol, glycerol and propylene. When the consumer smokes e-cigar, the e-liquid gets super heated by a battery which converts the liquid into smog which is then inhaled.

The advantage over cigarettes is, the E-Cigars do not contain as harmful elements like the cigarettes hence it can promote one to quit smoking by reducing the intake of nicotine. Till now, no such studies have found e-cigars to be the ultimate solution or alternative option to quit smoking. The research is still on with alternative solutions like spots, gum etc. Good luck to put a stop on smoking.

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