Check out DIDGA on Skateboards- The Cat with World Record !!!

It is quite difficult to train a dog but to get a hand on cat is just onerous. This cat “Didga” is one of the most talented cats and now her talents has brought her to the books of Guinness World Records in 2017. This cat from New South Whales, Australia, with her astounding tricks on the skateboard. Dogs are easy to train but cats are quite difficult. Dogs are calm, human friendly and obey to humans. Cats are quite different. They are witty, notorious, self-willed and hard to train. “Didga”, ┬áthe cat is a shelter cat adopted by Robert Dollwet. They have a great bonding. Robert knew she was a special cat but a Guinness World Record cat ?

Robert started feeding her favorite meal Kangaroo mince on the skateboard. The time she would start eating, the skateboard would start rolling and as soon as she stopped eating, Robert would stop the skateboard. This way, Robert started Didga’s training on the skateboard.

This cat doesn’t slides the skateboard, it is done by Robert Dollwet. It is rolled by Robert but yet she smartly performs the tricks on the skateboard. It would have been a tough time to train a cat, but Didga being talented and able to understand and read Robert, the duo has done amazing with the skateboard tricks and getting themselves on Guinness Book Of Records.


Didga has performed 20 tricks abiding the rules of the record book in 2016. For instance Didga need to complete the trick without being touched by Robert. For instance standing, sitting, rolling, jumping on Robert’s hand, giving high-five, jumping the hurdles etc. Didga now is flaunting in the pages of World Record Book of 2017.

The channel of Robert has around 1,72,000 subscribers. Didga is a world famous cat with her impressive tricks. Robert has filmed many such videos of her in the park with jaw-dropping moves. Proud Robert is so overwhelmed with the love he has got from the audience. Check out the video and I bet you would want to take it home.

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