DEAD SEA – This One Place Before I Die !!!

When you know swimming you show off a little. Everyone flaunts if they know a bit, so do I. Non-swimmers, here is one place where you can proudly float. Not joking dude, it’s true. DEAD SEA is one of the saltiest water body on the earth and the intense salt concentration makes the density of water 1.24 kg/liter, making easier for humans to float. It’s even said that if you try to drown someone, it’s hard, due the salt concentration. But then why lifeguards at this tourist destination? Though it’s easy to float facing the sky, but if you are non-swimmer and if you accidentally flip with you back facing sky and your mouth in water, it becomes extremely laborious to turn around on your own. Plus swallowing a lot of salt water can destroy your heart and kidney.

Dead Sea Wahji Paaji

DEAD SEA also known as Salt Sea, is actually a Lake. This fascinating place is landlocked by Jordan to the east and Palestine and Israel in the west. The lake is Earth’s lowest elevation on land and the deepest hyper-salt lake in the world (304m deep). But why Dead Sea? Dead? It’s because it does not support aquatic life.  However, it is actually not true; during monsoons, the salinity reduces, making habitable to few bacteria, but no other life. The Dead sea doesn’t taste salty like the other table salt or beach-side salt rather it is awfully bitter.

This Salt Sea has impeccable health benefits. Containing more than eight times minerals than other sea water and 33% of salt, this place invites many people having health issues like heart disease, joint pains, arthritis, psoriasis etc. Researches has even said that people bathing for an hour for few days have recovered psoriasis by 80%. Also bitter salt helps to treat a variety of other skin ailments like cellulite, acne, hives, etc. Floating results in high level of blood flowing to abdomen area, resulting in more urinating and releasing more toxins. The region contains high content of oxygen level than other sea level and posses weaker UV radiation. What a fantastic place ! Healing as well as a tourist point.

Dead Sea Wahji Paaji


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