My marriage was approaching, my husband and I were planning for our honeymoon trip. The destinations changed from east to west across the globe. We had dreamt of every single destination thinking of spending the most beautiful moments, holding hand in hand and later switched to another destination after every one week. One of them was COLOSSEUM Italy.

This is my favorite destination and we were stick to it for quite a long time. We checked the hotel price, air fair, list of points to visit, etc. I had researched so much that I could guide someone to Italy with all its history and significance. FLOP ! Our plans got cancelled due to some reasons and finally we switched to Singapore. I don’t regret my decision now but one day I am going to travel. Italy is going to call. ITALY WILL CALL ME !

Now, all you Dating Couples out there, listen to me carefully. Don’t make a mistake  like I did. There is something called “PROPOSE AT COLOSSEUM”. Surprise your partner by proposing at the world’s most beautiful destination in Italy -THE COLOSSEUM. It is the largest amphitheater ever built and could hold around 80,000 spectators. This oval amphitheater is located in the center of Italy. God..I am in love with this place.

There are many couples who photo shoot their Proposals. But guys who has missed this chance, you can also go for wedding as well as Maternity shoot too. Propose them in front of the world to show much you love them. Make sure you hire a photographer in advance, so as to carry a lifetime memories with you and your partner. Italy is an extraordinary place one should visit in your lifetime. Proposing at Colosseum would be like a cherry on the cake. So get ready for Colosseum Photo Shoot


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