All You Need To Know About Yacon Syrup

Yacon Wahji Paaji

Yacon syrup is acquiring popularity in the health and wellness, and this is for a good reason. It is originated from the origin of Yacon, a plant that is initially from the Andean valleys in South America. The root has a pleasant taste just like fruit, so it is frequently offered in syrup form and often used as a sugar. But, unlike other sugars, it is really short on the glycemic index scale. The glycemic index is a size of how rapid blood sugar degrees increase after consuming a specific meals. In addition, the syrup has actually been shown to have different wellness advantages.


Doctors Can’t, Bathini Brothers CAN – Asthma Cured For Free !!!

Are you tired of taking pumps regularly? Tired of having breathlessness? Tired of getting tired earlier than other people? Indians have this solutions where the doctors all over the world say its incurable. This medicine is provided once in a year for free for non-stop 24 hours in Hyderabad, India. Anyone who comes to this place is welcomed and the medicines are served free of cost. But there is something unique or shall I say strange about it.

The story goes back to 165 years.  Mr. Veeranna Goud got this medicine from a holy man with a promise that this medicine would be served for free without disclosing the formula. Since then, Mr. Veeranna Goud passed this medicine to is children and now his third generation is serving the medicines. Now 5 brothers called the BATHINI brothers are handling the management without disclosing the formula.


Home Made Remedies To Remove Acne NATURALLY

OK, no big deal if you have acne. It’s quite natural and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you take proper care, your skin is going to glow as before. Let me make one thing clear. Your skin will reflect the internal health of your body. Your skin will speak about what your body needs and what not. If you can understand your skin problems and work on it, your skin will definitely be soft and glowly.



So now there are “E-Cigars”. There has been a rise in popularity for this new strategy to quit smoking. As a matter of fact, this too contains nicotine but it is less hazardous than smoking a cigarette. People use this as an alternative as it might help quit smoking. Not all E-cigars contain nicotine, or contain very less nicotine, depending upon the e-cigar, hence one can opt this option rather than inhaling dangerous, life taking chemicals and tar in your lungs. The health risk related to e-cigars are still uncertain yet they are less risky than cigarettes. Hence they are becoming popular in the market. The smoke addictive who are unable to move out of smoking can gradually leave by opting for this option.


Useful Natural Ways For Strong, Thick and Healthy Hairs


Egg rich in proteins, sulfur, iron, zinc, iodine and phosphorous will help in hair growth as well as thickness. Take 2 eggs, and slowly remove the yolks and apply the egg whites in hairs completely.  This is the best remedy for smoothing your hairs.  Leave the egg whites in your hairs for 20 minutes. Wash it gently. For dull hairs, one should repeat it for 7-8 times and the results are going to amaze you.  This will surely help you grow your healthy hairs and will restore your softness.


Color Blindness – Lets Check Your Eyes Here !!!

Color Blindness also called as “COLOR VISION DEFICIENCY” means that you are facing inconvenience to see colors – GREEN, RED and BLUE. 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women face this problem to identify colors.  You might always fight with friends or relatives regarding identification of colors. The perception of few colors might be different from what others see. People who inherits color blindness, is due to Abnormal photopigment. Our body requires different genes to provide and make photopigment(colors). Failure of these genes can cause this deficiency. Tiny color-detecting cone shaped molecules are present in retina called Cone Cells. Lets read about Color Vision Deficiency before you check your eyes yourself at the end of the article.


As a matter of fact, men are more likely to have the deficiency to identify colors. The reason behind this is the genes. The color blindness depend on X Chromosomes and Males have only one X Chromosomes whereas females have two X Chromosomes.  In females, one X Chromosomes is enough to compensate the loss of the other chromosome but if males X Chromosome does not function, they might have trouble to identify the colors.


  1. REDGREEN: The most common color blindness is caused due to the absence or limited function of green cone i.e called DEUTRAN or red cone which is called PROTAN.
  2. BLUEYELLOW : The Blue cone called TRITAN pigments is either absent or have limited function causes Blue-Yellow Color Blindness. This is much rare than compared to Red-Green Deficiency.
  3. COMPLETE COLOR BLINDNESS: Complete Color Blindness or MONOCHROMACY deficiency means one is having trouble experiencing color. They might also suffer from vision problem too. There are two types of Monochromacy :-
  • Cone Monochromacy : Here, one fails to have two of three cone cell pigments. Normally brain receives signals from different types of cones to compare the color, but here due to only one cone, the comparison isn’t possible.
  • Rod monochromacy or Achromatopsia: This is very rare and the most severe form of deficiency as none of the cone functions. Due to this, they see the world in Black, White and Grey. People suffering from this disease, are usually scared of bright lights since their pigments respond to dim light. In addition, this type of deficiency is mainly experienced from the birth.



Now a days, people are coping this difficulty with special lenses or eye glasses which are now widely available in the stores. Diagnosing this deficiency at early age will help the children to train accordingly. Being partial or total color blind becomes very torturing or a reason for bullying in childhood. This might also effect few in getting jobs where color identification is important, for example in case of a graphic designer. Therefore one should consult a doctor if they are going through same trouble.


















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All you need to know about losing weight is BOKWA !!! Yes Bokwa Fitness !!! No need to remember counts, no need to choreograph steps, no need to get stressed if you forgot the steps. Just dance with a smile and lose weight and this activity is all about it. This fun based fitness program is gaining popularity like the fire in the forest.

Bokwa got its name by “Bo” meaning boxing and Kwaito meaning an African word for South African Music and Dance. This was started by PAUL MAVI from Los Angeles, and created this activity based on the foundation of drawing Alphabets and Numbers on the ground.

Bokwa originated when Paul Mavi joined the T.V and Fitness entrepreneur Johann Verheem in 2012. Initially, they started in this dance concept in U.K and then in U.S. This style has left behind Aerobics, Zumba and other fitness activities. The music too is so energetic that you would start dancing like no one is watching. Alphabets and numbers are made through dance steps and it makes it very interesting. Draw your own name or you phone number through this dance. Doesn’t it sound fun?

The fitness does not just include dance. The Bokwa fitness is divided into three activities- First of all there is a Warm Up session, Second round starts with Bokwa where numbers and alphabets are drawn and Lastly it ends with Stretching.

The fun element lies in this is that, street dance style from South Africa, mimics a free-form and rhythmic style, which requires no formal training. In addition, there is no age bar; 7 years to 77 years all can do this fitness activity together.

It is an intense cardiovascular workout though an innovative fitness workout, which will burn your calories by dancing. If you can walk, you can Bokwa !!! You might have noticed, people have become too conscious and go with the trend to go for a toned body. It is too in trend, leaving behind many fitness activities.


Benefits Of  Bokwa Fitness:

  • It tones your body and gets you in shape
  • You can burn more calories by just dancing
  • Anyone from any age group can perform this activity
  • Its free form and not based on 8 counts steps
  • More intense and upbeat therefore more energetic activity
  • Pump up with freshness if you Bokwa early morning
  • Easy weight losing activity
  • Improves your immune system
  • Boost cardiovascular function
  • Improves resistance to fatigue


Note: Beginners need to go easy if you have problem in knees, ankles, lower back problems.

So are you ready to get yourself enrolled in your nearby Bokwa Fitness class and burn calories while dancing ?



Walking Everyday ? Amazing Facts You Never Thought Of !!!


  1. Want a longer life?

Walking can add 1.4 years of your healthy life if you walk everyday for 30 minutes. It can help in delaying osteoarthritis, a common problem faced in the middle age. So why not choose walking ?

   2. Want your heart to be strong?

Walking leads to increase in heart rate and blood circulation in your body and thus will strengthen your heart. Also this helps in lowering the risk of Cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Want to improve your lungs?

Brisk or Race Walking leads to increase in heart rate and your lungs will start consuming more oxygen, increasing in the capacity of your lungs. Brisk walk are considered more helpful to improve the function of lungs. Keep walking, Keep Breathing !

  1. Want to boost vitamin D ?

Fix your Vitamin D deficiency by morning walks. Absorb the early morning sunrays to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Morning walk will help in providing Vitamin D which indeed keep your bones healthier to keep you going next day !

  1. Want to tone up?

Walking will help you tone your body parts like Legs, Tummy and bums. Get your body in shape instead of looking like a potato. This is the most simple exercise compared to other exercise.

  1. Want to lose weight ?

Brisk walk is considered better than a normal walk as it will help you to burn more calories. Start with normal, slow pace walk and keep increasing speed after every 2-3 days. Add a healthy diet with a brisk walk for a healthier life.

  1. Want some energy ?

An everyday walk helps in fighting anti-depression and anxiety. It will pump in a lot of energy to keep your day going with freshness. The pure oxygen will fill your mind with positive vibes, so keep walking !

  1. Want to prevent dementia?

Dementia effects one in fourteen people who are above the age of 65. Dementia symptoms include memory loss or difficulty in thinking, problem-solving or language. A study states that one who walks everyday can prevent Dementia, so what is better- To keep thinking or to keep walking ?

  1. Want a light mood?

A fresh mind with pure oxygen will spread happy mood within and with the family and friends. It will reduce your stress and keep you light all the day. Be proud to tell about your friends about your walking habit.

  1. Want to improve sleep?

Walking activates rise in body temperature, and the post-exercise drop in temperature aids in falling asleep. Walks brings down the problem of insomnia by fall in arousal, anxiety and depressive symptoms.


Mobile In Washroom Too – Its Gross Not Multitasking !!!

How does your sandwich taste? Yummy ? Are you reading this article while eating sandwich? But hey you just used that mobile in washroom !!!

So I assume you are gulping the germs which were present in washroom…eewwww.  So now how does your sandwich taste?  Lucky are those who are seeing this article in the washroom and feeling pity for those who are eating sandwich right now.

Where ever you go, you take your mobile with you. But washroom too ??? Don’t be proud of because it’s not multi-tasking – its gross. Washing your hands after going to washroom is a must, because you know about the presence of bacteria.  But umm… do you wash your mobile ? How regularly do you clean it with wipes?

Let’s check what Germ Expert Charles Gerba, Ph.D., professor of microbiology has to say about it. The experts says that the bathroom is always covered by germs. The doors, the handles, the faucets, the floor, everything in and around. Gerba says “Bathrooms are covered with germs, pathogens, and enteric bacteria (from the intestinal tract), mostly from fecal matter.”

You clean your washroom regularly but what about public toilets? How often is it cleaned? What do you think the amount of germs present in public toilets compared to your house? Do you use phones in public toilets too?

Photo credit: adetemmerman via / CC BY


Every time you use mobile in washroom, it gets contaminated with germs and fecal matter. Diarrhea is mainly transmitted due the germs present in washroom and now on your mobile too.

A study has found that most of the phones are likely to carry disease-causing microorganism and 16% of them were positive for fecal matter.

 So each time you say goodbye to your loved ones by missing mobile, make sure you clean your mobile with wipes, as your mobile is a “GERM CARRIER”. Instead of kissing mobile, you are kissing all the germs that were present in washroom, or public toilets.


  • Always wash your hands after going to washroom
  • Clean your washroom on regular basis
  • Clean your mobile with wipes
  • Do Not Use Mobile In Washroom


Photo credit: Pixabay


Do No Chew Tulsi – Its Harmful For Teeth !!!


Being an Indian and from a Hindu family, I have been always told to have 5 leaves of Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum, Holy Basil) a day.  Since my childhood, I have learned that it is very important plant culturally and herbally. Indian culture is too huge, diversified, deep deep inside. Right from language to religion to music to cuisine, it defers after every 50 km. This holy plant is one very small part of it yet I can write pages and pages about it.

No Hindu festival, worships, prayers, marriages can ever proceed with leaves of Tulsi. It is a Sacred Plant and also believed to be avatar of Goddess Laxmi. It got its name from Tulasi Devi, who is one of Lord’s Krishna  eternal consorts. There are two types of plants, Rama Tulsi with large green leaves and the other Shyama Tulsi with dark green leaves usually worshiped to Lord Hanuman. Did you know, there is a ceremony called Tulasi Vivaah, where Tulasi is married to Lord Krishna !

Most of the Hindu Family has a this plant in the house.  The seeds, stems, leaves and even the soil is too considered to be Holy.

It has diversified healing properties and the extracts are used in ayurvedic remedies like headaches, cold, fever, stomach disorders, heart disease, malaria etc. In addition, it is believed that it promotes longevity. It is therefore regarded as ADAPTOGEN or Anti-Stress Agent.


Chewing Tulsi leaves is considered as disrespectful act  being wife of Lord Vishnu. According to the botanist, it contains high amount of Mercury and may cause harm to teeth if raw mercury touches the teeth. You can use leaves either in powdered  or juice form. You can use the fresh leaves in herbal tea, panchamrut, with ghee etc. In conclusion, please avoid chewing Holy Leaves.

Photo Credit: Pexels