15 Interesting Facts About Caribbean Island

Caribbean Islands, which is located between North America and South America, is famous for its amazing sun kissed white sandy beaches, encouraging magnetic attraction to the worldwide. Caribbean Island is a extensive archipelago, located in the Caribbean Sea. The islands are divided into different groups of:-

  1. The Lucayan Archipelago
  2. The Greater Antilles
  3. The Lesser Antilles
  4. ABC Islands

Lets Hunt The Unknown Caribbean Island Facts

  1. The highest point on Anegada Island (one of the British Virgin Island) is less than 28 feet above sea level. Obviously, Anegada had to mean the “drowned land.”

2.    Maho beach is the most amazing place for both the sun bathers and people coming to experience something unusual. Planes pass just 100 feet above the beach on St. Maarten Island. Tourist flaunt to experience planes flying at low elevation.

3.   Approximately 2% of the Caribbean Island is inhabitant, which means, the islands is completely ruled by the Flora and Fauna. Imagine the undiscovered wildlife of Caribbean Island. You never know, how the nature can surprise you any time.

4.   The three most popular inhabitant territories are The Dominican Republic, Cuba and Haiti. 75% of the population is covered by these three countries, having 30 million people altogether.

5.   The habitats of Caribbean Islands are mainly Africans decedents. Years ago, these African were once brought as slaves by the Colonist, to exploit the natural resources like Cotton, Sugar Cane etc.

6.   Surprisingly, Jamaica has more churches in single square mile compared to any other country having 1600 total !!!

7.   These tiny island host so many tourist, among which The Dominican Republic attracts 4.3 million tourist per year.  The second most visited is Puerto Rico by 3.7 million followed by Cuba at 2.7 million. Seriously, these small tiny islands are real magnets.

8.   Did you know, you can take tours of the reef life in Aruba through SUBMARINE? Yup! that true. Take the biggest adventure of taking tour in a submarine going 130 ft under the sea. You will witness the astounding marine life, giving you a lifetime memories.

9.   The” Caribbean” got its name after the “Carib Tribes” of America, whom the colonist believed to be Cannibals. The Europeans on the other hand referred them as the Cannibalistic Caribs. This created a Xenophobia in the rest of the nations towards these tribes. (Know More About FIJI- “A CANNIBAL ISLES” )

10.   Moreover, if you are ready for some more adventure, do land on the airport of Saba Airport (Caribbean island). It is just 1,300 feet LONG, world’s shortest runway.

11.   Visit the Curacao Ostrich Farm, where you can take a ride on it, test the strength of the Ostrich egg by stepping up on them(only if you are less than 80 kg), pet them and much more.

12.   Geologist believe that the Caribbean Island were formed due the volcanic eruption beneath the ocean which occurred million of years ago. Still in few places you may find water with popping bubbles.

13.   Tourist who hunt for Eco-tourism, Caribbean Island is the best place to visit. No doubt, being only 2% occupied by the habitats, these islands have indigenous species of flora and fauna. It’s not only about the white sandy beaches, but Island has lot more to offer. Asa Wright Nature Center in Trinidad, Balenbouche Estate in St. Lucia, The Reef Resort in Cayman, Little Tobago which also known as Bird of Paradise Island. In fact, these are few to mention to enjoy the Eco-Tourism spots.

14.   Anegada has the fourth largest barrier reef in the world. In addition, the legend also says that, once the pirates use to hid in these reefs.


15.   Trafalga falls is one of the famous spots in The Dominican Republic. Enjoy the twin waterfalls merge together giving swimmers a nice bathing experience. The twist is, one fall has hot water due to hot springs and the other with cold water.


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