All you need to know about losing weight is BOKWA !!! Yes Bokwa Fitness !!! No need to remember counts, no need to choreograph steps, no need to get stressed if you forgot the steps. Just dance with a smile and lose weight and this activity is all about it. This fun based fitness program is gaining popularity like the fire in the forest.

Bokwa got its name by “Bo” meaning boxing and Kwaito meaning an African word for South African Music and Dance. This was started by PAUL MAVI from Los Angeles, and created this activity based on the foundation of drawing Alphabets and Numbers on the ground.

Bokwa originated when Paul Mavi joined the T.V and Fitness entrepreneur Johann Verheem in 2012. Initially, they started in this dance concept in U.K and then in U.S. This style has left behind Aerobics, Zumba and other fitness activities. The music too is so energetic that you would start dancing like no one is watching. Alphabets and numbers are made through dance steps and it makes it very interesting. Draw your own name or you phone number through this dance. Doesn’t it sound fun?

The fitness does not just include dance. The Bokwa fitness is divided into three activities- First of all there is a Warm Up session, Second round starts with Bokwa where numbers and alphabets are drawn and Lastly it ends with Stretching.

The fun element lies in this is that, street dance style from South Africa, mimics a free-form and rhythmic style, which requires no formal training. In addition, there is no age bar; 7 years to 77 years all can do this fitness activity together.

It is an intense cardiovascular workout though an innovative fitness workout, which will burn your calories by dancing. If you can walk, you can Bokwa !!! In fact You might have noticed, people have become too conscious and go with the trend to go for a toned body. It is too in trend, leaving behind many fitness activities.


Benefits Of  Bokwa Fitness:

  • It tones your body and gets you in shape
  • You can burn more calories by just dancing
  • Anyone from any age group can perform this activity
  • Its free form and not based on 8 counts steps
  • More intense and upbeat therefore more energetic activity
  • Pump up with freshness if you Bokwa early morning
  • Easy weight losing activity
  • Improves your immune system
  • Boost cardiovascular function
  • Improves resistance to fatigue


Note: Beginners need to go easy if you have problem in knees, ankles, lower back problems.

So are you ready to get yourself enrolled in your nearby Bokwa Fitness class and burn calories while dancing ?


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