5 Things You Should Know Before Watching Baahubali-2 The Conclusion

S.S. Rajamouli the director of Baahubali 2, hasn’t directed a failed flop movie throughout his career. Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion is what everyone is waiting for. You may have heard about it at several places Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali. However, S S Ramouli, the Director, with his great intelligence has set up the climax of the movie. He smartly directed three endings for the movie, if in case any one of them gets leaked. So it’s better one should stay away from the rumors and wait for the release of the movie. The Baahubali had already arrested everyone by the climax showcasing the Loyal Kattappa killing his own king. ┬áIn fact, the jaw drop moment of climax has clutched the audience making them eagerly wait for Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion.


Baahubali poster was released on Mahashivratri the reason behind the image that won the heart of audience where Shivudu (Prabhas) has lifted the Shiv Ling. The pre-planned date to release the poster was to remind people about Baahubali and the upcoming sequel Baahubali 2- The Conclusion. The is no doubt that the second part is going to be even larger than the previous one. The director is having many expectation at the Box Office as a huge amount of money is invested than the part 1.

The budget of Baahubali part one and two, combined was Rs 25 Crores. The unexpected love from the audience, banged the Box Office breaking the record and earned Rs 500 Crore from just part one-Baahubali.

Prabhas’s Efforts

Prabhas, has put tremendous effort for this movie. Both Prabhas and Rana Daggubati had increased 30 kgs to maintain and get the feel of their respective roles. Prabhas has even shipped gym equipment worth Rs 15 million for this role. Due to this he has not signed any other movie in last 3 years knowing the hard work and determination required for this movie. You will be amazed to know the earning of this actor. According to a report, he has charged 20 crores. Yes 20 crores !!!

The Making Of Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion

Baahubali had breath taking visual effects (VFX) but the team was not satisfied with the visual effects, hence they made sure in the second part was at its best. The mistakes made in part one is taken cared in Baahubali 2- The Conclusion. The director, producers team members, everyone is taking small things into consideration to make this movie flawless. From Casting to Costume, the director has taken part to make movie worth watching. Many scenes which were loved by the audience and taking that into consideration, few scenes would be modified and showed again for instance when Prabhas climbed from one cliff to another in the Waterfall scene.

S.S Rajamouli direction has brought change to the Indian Film Industry. With his talent, he has changed the way one use to watch movies. Our Indian Film Industry is now no far from the Hollywood in terms of direction. Baahubali 2 is being filmed in three languages – Telgu, Tamil and Hindi. K.V Vijayendra Prasad is the writer of both Baahubali and Baahubali 2- The Conclusion. The climax of Baahubali 2 is said to around 30 crores. Meanwhile let’s wait for the release of the movie to know why did Kattappa killed Baahubali.

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