Doctors Can’t, Bathini Brothers CAN – Asthma Cured For Free !!!

Are you tired of taking pumps regularly? Tired of having breathlessness? Tired of getting tired earlier than other people? Indians have this solutions where the doctors all over the world say its incurable. This medicine is provided once in a year for free for non-stop 24 hours in Hyderabad, India. Anyone who comes to this place is welcomed and the medicines are served free of cost. But there is something unique or shall I say strange about it.

The story goes back to 165 years.  Mr. Veeranna Goud got this medicine from a holy man with a promise that this medicine would be served for free without disclosing the formula. Since then, Mr. Veeranna Goud passed this medicine to is children and now his third generation is serving the medicines. And now 5 brothers called the BATHINI brothers are handling the management without disclosing the formula.


If one needs to get rid of asthma, one needs to take this medicine for 3 consecutive years with a strict diet.  But the medicine is none other than a 2 INCH LIVE MURREL FISH carrying a paste inside the its mouth which is slipped in one’s body.

This year 2017, the Bathini Mrugasira Fish is going to take place in the Exhibition Ground  in Nampally, Hyderabad.  The rate is Rs 5 per fish which means $ 0.80 which is supplied by the Department of the Fisheries, Government of Telangana. From 8 th to 9th June it will be served non-stop for 24 hours. Moreover , there is no need of registration. It is first come first served.

For more details please visit their official website

From Hyderabad Airport 35 Kms.
From Hyderbad Railway Station Walkable distance
From Secunderabad Railway Station Just 6 Kms. by bus nos. 8, 7, 20, 40N
From Jubilee Bus Station Just 8 Kms. by bus nos. 8, 7, 40N
From Hyderabad Bus Station Just 3 – 4 Kms. by the above mentioned bus nos. It is walkable distance from Afzalgunj
From Koti Just 2-3 Kms. Many buses are available.


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