Bhangarh Fort – Do Not Visit After Sunset & Before Sunrise

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When you see something scary, the first things that come out is God’s name. But this won’t work here. As you enter the haunted fort, you will find are temples. Temples of different God and Goddesses. Even they won’t help you. Follow the rules. DO NOT STAY AFTER SUNSET AND BEFORE SUNRISE. This fort is also considered the most haunted place of the earth. Welcome to Bhangarh Fort !!!

Bhangarh village(Rajasthan, India) was established by Bhagwant Das. It was then ruled by his proud son Madho Singh. Madho Singh had built the fort in 1613, The Bhangarh Fort. The fort has many dark secrets hidden; the weird noises of screaming, the whispers, the subtle noise of bangles, shadows of no one. What had happened here?


Indian Driver Beaten And Abused on Racial Grounds in AUSTRALIA

Drinking, Getting Sick, then Abusing !!!

We do not understand what is right. We need your opinion.

Previous Attacks

Li Max Joy, an Indian cabbie, on 25 March 2017, was assaulted by four “Teenagers” in the Argyle St. McDonald’s.  Reports were filed but no “Special Investigation Unit” was laid for this matter. The victim did not get justice. Country Australia.

Last year June 2016, a Indian driver was assaulted by four men. Country Australia.


All You Need To Know About Yacon Syrup

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Yacon syrup is acquiring popularity in the health and wellness, and this is for a good reason. It is originated from the origin of Yacon, a plant that is initially from the Andean valleys in South America. The root has a pleasant taste just like fruit, so it is frequently offered in syrup form and often used as a sugar. But, unlike other sugars, it is really short on the glycemic index scale. The glycemic index is a size of how rapid blood sugar degrees increase after consuming a specific meals. In addition, the syrup has actually been shown to have different wellness advantages.


Check Out The Most Weird Animals In The World

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You might think you know all the animals. Even though you might not know the names, but still might think, you know them. That’s not true buddy. Let me take you to a tour of animals, never heard or seen before. This will definitely pop your eyes out. You might find some weird animals too.


Reema Lagoo – The Mother Of Bollywood No More

The 59 years old veteran film and T.V actress, Reema Lagoo died of cardiac arrest at 03:30 this morning. The actor was admitted midnight in Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai immediately after she complained about acute chest pain. The mother of Bollywood is now no more.

Lagoo’s son-in-law Vinay Waikul said “She was complaining of chest pain so we took her to hospital around 1 AM. She passed away due to a heart attack around 3.15 AM. She was perfectly fine and had no health issues…so it is really shocking for all of us that she is no more with us.”


Haryana gangrape-Plea of the victim went unheard. We live in this India

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Another incident has come up on this Sunday from Sonipat, similar to the Nirbhaya case. One more brutal Haryana gangrape case. The plea of the family for help from police before the rape and the murder went unanswered.

Reports from an autopsy of the victim reveals about the victim’s skull smashed into pieces. According to Dr S.k. Dhattewal, the head of  forensic medicine department at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science (PGIMS) in Rohtak said “The findings suggest that it was a brutal rape and murder, and some sharp-edged objects may have been inserted in her private parts. Dr. Dhatterwal had conducted the post-mortem examination of the victim.


30 Travel Bucket List – Pack Your Bags !!!

We all have a bucket List. Who doesn’t like to travel. Below are 30 destination, one cannot miss to include in the Travel Bucket List.

  1. Caño Cristales – Colombia :

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    Also known as Crystal Channel, a 100km river flowing in Colombia. It is regarded as the most beautiful river due to its vibrant colors. From June to November, one can notice striking colors including yellow, blue black, green and especially red. Due to different colors, the river is commonly called as Liquid Rainbow or River of Five Colors.


Supreme Court Upholds Death Penalty After “4 YEARS” – Good Or Bad ?


The good news is the Supreme Court has finally upheld the death sentence to the four convicts involved in the Nirbhaya Rape Case this Friday 05 May 2017.


On 16th December 2012 Saturday night, the victim along with a male companion were returning from the movie “Life Of Pi” from Saket. Time 9:30pm. They were waiting to hail an auto rickshaw, when an off-duty charter bus, driven by the people not driving for commercial purpose stopped to offer them a ride. The drive was from Dwarka to Munirka. Just in few minutes, the victim’s companion noticed that they were heading to other route than the normal one. The door of the bus was tightly shut.


“3 Idiotas” Remake of 3 Idiots in Mexico

3 Idiotas

Who says our Bollywood do not create good movies huh? This remake of 3 Idiots – 3 Idiotas is a perfect example of it.

The unforgettable movie, 3 Idiots, has been released in Mexico as 3 Idiotas. The trailer starts with  Raju (Sharman Joshi) forgets to wear his pants after he gets a call from Silencer (Omi Vaidya). The movie is an adaption of the Bollwood movie 3 Idiots. The roles of Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, R. Madhavan is played by the Mexican actors Alfonso Dosal, German Valdez and Christian Vazquez respectively. The role of Kareena Kapoor is played by Martha Higareda. The movie looks more funnier in the Mexican flavor. It was released on 31 March 2017 which was directed by Carlos Bolado. 


Yes, You Live After Death !!!

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What would you do if you are still “ALIVE” after Death ? How would you feel? Would you haunt people? Death is the most scariest, depressing phase of life. Scientist believe there is something after death. In a study of more than 2,000 people, British boffins reveals and state that thinking process still continues  even when the heart stops beating and the person is declared dead.

The medical study of “out-of-body” experiences has found that still there is some kind of awareness present, after the brain has totally shut down. It is believed that a human brain stops functioning, 30 seconds after the heart stops with awareness.